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"Famous Teachers and Doctors Entering County and Town Hospitals " activity

In order to improve the diagnosis and treatment level of doctors in grassroots hospitals, benefit the general public, and assist in the construction of a healthy China, the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, in conjunction with Capital Medical University, organized a public welfare activity called "Famous Teachers and Doctors Entering County and Town Hospitals " In service/retired teachers were organized to give academic lectures at county and township level hospitals, teaching about progress of the diagnosis and treatment methods. Professor Jiao Shoushu, Chief Medical Officer of Tarcine BioMed Inc., a subsidiary of Baheal Biological Diagnosis, voluntarily signed up to participate and promote the scientific foundation and practical experience of major disease warning. Through this event, it reflects the determination and responsibility of Tarcine to actively participate in improving people's livelihoods, serving society, and fulfilling corporate responsibilities.

On February 27, 2024, Professor Jiao gave a two-hour lecture and discussion to over a hundred medical personnel from the medical and health management units affiliated with the Tongzhou District Health City Ecological Alliance, titled "In depth interpretation of tumor marker detection results and timely warning of cancer risk". The audience reflected that after listening to this lecture, they finally understood a long-standing perplexing question, which is why some people report normal tumor markers during physical examinations, but the tragedy is that once cancer is detected, it is already in the late stage? The key is that our doctors only use tumor markers as diagnostic indicators and make judgments on whether it is normal or not based on "critical values". Cancer is not a sudden occurrence, but rather a series of steps through which cells are attacked by carcinogenic factors, activating the cancer signaling pathway to gradually transmit to the nucleus, causing gene mutations, and inducing cell division and proliferation. Most cancers develop from cellular cancer to tumors with billions of cancer cells, often requiring several years or even more of precancerous lesions. Tumor markers are the active substances produced by cellular carcinogenesis, and their expression level and secretion into the blood reflect the process of tumor occurrence and development. Therefore, interpreting the detection results of tumor markers should not only focus on items above the critical value to check for cancer, but should emphasize the concept of cell cancer signal transmission. For those detection results below the critical value, quantitative analysis can be conducted in depth to discover which stage of precancerous lesions the test subject is in, give a judgment of how far away from cancer generation. For the majority of people with mild to moderate risk, our grassroots medical staff can designate personalized cancer prevention and management plans for them. By enhancing immunity, we can kill constantly emerging cancer cells and nip cancer in the bud! For those who report severe risks, targeted referrals can be made to higher-level hospitals for further precise diagnosis and treatment, contributing to improving the efficiency of hospitals at all levels.


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