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Tarcine BioMed is seeking product development partners and marketing agents in the United States, Europe, Southeasten Asia, mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 


Five reasons to become a partner with Tarcine BioMed:


R & D Advantage: Tarcine BioMed’s R & D center has a innovative team of professional talents. In collaboration with universities, clinical hospitals and corporations, we have successfully undertaken and completed multiple national and local development projects using biological diagnostic technologies.  


Advanced technological platform: Tarcine BioMed is equipped with the advanced technological platform and equipment, including ELISA, CLIA, colloidal gold, real-time quantitative PCR and molecular diagnostics.


 Management advantages: Tarcine BioMed has perfected the management systems for product management, brand management, capital operation, etc. Our logistics center is compatible with international system, providing fast, safe and economical product distribution services.


Product advantages: Tarcine BioMed has developed the Immediate Warning and Early Non-invasive Diagnosis and Detection products for major human diseases including these six product series: myocardial infarction evaluation system, early cancer diagnosis, infectious disease diagnosis, pharmacogenomics based drug screening, quantitative monitoring of treatment, and individualized quick diagnosis. One of the outstanding achievements of Tarcine BioMed is the successful production of :Diagnostic Kit for IgG Antibody to EBV Rta (ELISA)  . It has been proved by clinical trials that  the product can be mainly used for auxiliary diagnosis and corresponding clinical management of NPC (the definite diagnosis of NPC must be based on biopsy histopathology). After receiving the registration certificate from CFDA, this product has been widely used in clinical testing and physical examination centers, and has been well received by users. It has since been officially listed in the 2013.


Solid support: Tarcine BioMed provides comprehensive support for our marketing partners, including business training, sharing of experience, onsite training, and routine guidance in brand management, pipeline construction, advertising, market development, and other areas. We aim for mutually beneficial, and our ultimate goal is to achieve excellent results together. 


Please contact us if you are interested in R & D collaboration or marketing and distribution. Please provide your company name, address, telephone and email address.

Tarcine BioMed Inc. Tel: +86 10 80729678





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